1:1 Private Mentorship with Brooke
Six Months of 1:1 Coaching for Busy Women Ready to Make a Global Impact


1:1 Private Mentorship with Brooke

Six Months of 1:1 Coaching for Busy Women Ready to Make a Global Impact

If you’re anything like me, the idea of hustling until retirement sure as hell doesn’t light you up… and if you were to stay on that path, you’d probably experience some burnout (okay, maybe a little more than some).

You’d miss out on life.

Is it possible to live life on your own terms?


Have you been…

Spinning your wheels, worried that if you don’t get support soon, you’ll be back at the corporate desk grinding away, silently hating life?

Seeing girls all over Instagram traveling the world and wondering if you’ll ever be successful as these 20 somethings (let’s be honest though - you’re not really the person who wants to take “instagram worthy” photos every day. Sometimes, the idea of just never having to say “no” because of money is what lights you up)?

Dreaming of running a business that has a constant flow of clients and income?

I’m going to tell you something right now. Are you listening?

You’re incredibly talented and have everything you need to not only make this work, but to massively elevate your success and ultimately, the life you live. You have it in you already to succeed…you just need some guidance.

There’s no magic pill everyone is taking and hiding from you that yields results. Instead, they’re hiring the mentors to help them focus and get the results they truly want. You have infinite possibilities.

Don’t love Instagram? Don’t use it.

Love writing? Do a blog.

The thing is when you’re the CEO, you can build the business of YOUR dreams…not society’s dreams. 

You get to make the rules!

You get to decide on EVERYTHING. Make as much as you want in the ways that you want. There are no rules except for the ones you decide on.

“Through working with Brooke, I signed my first two clients. Brooke helped me get clear on where my value is, who I want to work with, and how to connect with those people. Brooke’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious as are her genuine excitement and confidence in people’s ability to make a difference”

Sara Susov

Stepmom Coach and Mindset Mentor

Here’s Why I Do This Work

I created Elevate when I hit six-figures in six months and realized I was an anomaly.

Everyone was talking about making 5k a month consistently and how much of a struggle it was when I was making cash with ease.

These busy women were downloading all the freebies and hoarding all the webinar trainings but not moving the needle forward.

Hi, I’m Brooke!

After studying Psychology and earning my M.Ed. in Marriage & Family Therapy, I learned how people think and operate.

This has helped me tremendously when it comes to business. Oh, and P.S. you better believe this is a skill I share with all my private clients.

You get my psych brain so you can propel business forward and really serve those dreamy clients.

I truly get it.

I know what it’s like to have blocks, to feel stuck beyond belief and just overwhelmed. It’s time to kick all of that to the curb so you can start taking client calls poolside, hitting the gym when you feel like it and so much more!

I’m really the prime example of someone who “shouldn’t be successful”.

I made bad business moves early on. I’m 25 and had a six-figure business by 23.

What I know is if I can do it despite all the obstacles that were against me, you can do it too!

The Elevate Program

My program, Elevate, is the solution you’ve been craving. It’s the one thing you’ve been missing in this entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s how it works:

You get 3 1:1 calls with me per month for six months (yes, I mean 18 1:1 calls)

You get 2 SOS calls for the “oh-shit I’m freaking out” moments (it’s all good, we all have them!)

Unlimited Voxer & Messenger Support

A 1:1 VIP Day in Miami, FL – I’m talking about branding photoshoots, masterminding, the hot Florida sun, and so much more!

As a bonus, you also get access to all of my programs.

UGH WHAT? Yes, girl I did just say that.

You get all that amazingness in one program…I told you it’s the thing you were missing. I wasn’t kidding.

Want to know how others have transformed?

“Brooke’s way of doing sales is so genuine and authentic to me and I love how she teaches it…especially the calls— the girl knows what she’s talking about. Through her support I’ve been able to maintain a 10k/month business and I’m well on track to cross the 6 figure mark easy this year. Who said you can’t make amazing high ticket sales while being true to your values? Brooke will show you how!”

Sara Loureiro


I told you, you’re just like them and if I can help Sara hit her goals, I sure as hell can help you hit yours.

Here’s the catch…

I only have one spot left right now for my 1:1 Elevate program. Most of my clients stay long-term so it’s pretty rare that I have a space available. But right now, I do. So hop on the phone with me and let’s talk about how to get you started.

A life of success on your terms (not some cookie-cutter blueprint) is just on the other side of the phone.

Literally, just tell me what you want and let’s make it happen! If I can help my other clients change their world, you better believe I can help you change yours.

“I felt an instant connection to Brooke, when we had our chat & hired her as my coach on the spot. I knew that her coaching was what I needed in my life to uplevel my business. She is extremely genuine, honest and understanding. Every time I hop on a call, I leave feeling motivated. Since I started working with Brooke, I have grown my Facebook group, business page, have a better understanding of how to reach my financial goals and have the clarity I needed to reach limits I never knew I could!! I feel so blessed to have found a coach who just gets me”

Krissy Ferreira


Let’s Talk Today!

It’s time to stop playing small and get crystal clear on the results you want.